Learning with EASE®

  • Personalised learning for staff
  • Demystify OfSTEDs expectations
  • Lead more independent learning

Personalising Learning with EASE

  • A flexible scaffold upon which to build learning activities and identify what really works
  • Have learners Engaged, Active, Sharing and Embedding their outcomes
  • Proven to encourage staff to work smarter not harder and still raise attainment
  • Drawing on the best of learning theory and practice – practical, flexible and easy
  • Available in a range of formats: High impact 3 day workshop that potentially transforms the practice of groups of staff, Whole staff professional development day, or a Twilight that prompts reflection and change

Adopted by schools and colleges across the UK. A generic approach to teaching that puts an emphasis on providing lessons that focus on developing learners who are learning focussed, self-motivated, self-critical, reflective and resourceful. (References available on request)