Effective Observation and Feedback

Unlock teachers’ potential - to be creative, inspiring and to take risks

  • What works for your staff and students?
  • Identify what gets in the way and how avoid it
  • Establish how to do this in your context

Observation- What are we really looking for?

  • What is good teaching and how do we recognise it?
  • What is good learning?
  • Demystify effective teaching and how to evidence it
  • Use the technology available effectively

Feedback - that supports, develops and challenges all staff.

  • Balance : Purpose and Ownership
  • Identify what makes good feedback
  • Effective use of the evidence
  • Establishing next steps and structures that support progression

"The Case for Change" (White Paper) specifically called for a ‘strong culture of professional development supported through lesson observation and effective feedback’. This course provides a practical guide to the 7 stages it outlined.